TSCM- Technical security

Passive inspection - RF and light spectrum monitoring 

  • No noise and non alerting activities only, nothing to alert the eavesdropping
  • Music softly playing, client on phone, drapes pulled
  • Full passive RF spectrum sweep
  • Full passive light spectrum sweep
  • Most PI, spy shop and advanced amateur bugs will be detected during this phase

Preventive actions

  • Seal and dust all cavities, wall plate, artifacts, etc.
  • Install acoustic, ultrasonic, IR and RF cloak as needed
  • Install IPM alarms and associated security system
  • Installation of encryption devices
  • Installation of high security locks, doors and hinges
  • Installation of physical security devices
  • Client education and training

Post inspection activities

  • Verbal presentation of findings before leaving
  • Presentation of hard copy report
  • Corrective actions
  • Follow up actions
  • Recurring and non recurring TSCM services

If an eavesdropping device or activity is detected

  • Collection of documentation regarding device or activity
  • Notification of law enforcement agencies
  • Forensic identification and analysis of device
  • Counter surveillance activities
  • Counter intelligence activities