TSCM- Gallery of historic eavesdropping devices 

Telephone line analysis 

  • New York City / United States of America

   x-Ray                                      Voice frequency transmitter

Spectrum analysis (RF/VLF-Check)

  • Düsseldorf / Federal Republic of Germany

X-Ray                                            RF - 276,845 MHz

Technical inspection

  • Roma / Italy

Audio frequency transmitter

Technical check

  • Teheran / Islamic Republic of Iran

Low frequency microphone

 Countersurveillance sweep

  • London / United Kingdom

Telephone line analysis: Carrier frequency transmittance (VLF)

Technical inspection: Audio frequency microphone 

Technical inspection: Structure borne noise transmittance

  • Cairo / Egypt

Technical check: Audio frequency microphone

  • Harare / Zimbabwe

Spectrum analysis: Radio microphone for long distance transmission (RF)