General terms and conditions

Services provided

  • Analysis of all RF/electromagnetic emanation
  • Active and passive light spectra examined
  • Inspection of all outlets, switches and illumination for VLF/RF devices
  • Inspection of all PBX, LAN and WAN connections and equipment
  • All computers audited and checked for security anomalies
  • Evaluation of all computers network facilities and associated cabling
  • Inspection of all xerox, fax and other imaging equipment
  • Inspection of all fiber optic connections and cables
  • All phone lines inspected and verified back to the central office
  • Evaluation of all locks and physical security devices
  • Most activities will overlap to provide complete coverage


  • Specialists searching professionally for eavesdropping devices and private CI specialists are usually not listed with fancy ads in the yellow page and rarely advertise their services
  • Do not attempt to contact us using a suspicious telephone and call off-site (call from a pay phone).This is a very important issue because that you could unmask a TSCM service by being indiscrete on the telephone.
  • How much does a legitimate Bug Sweep cost? US$ 49,00 per cubicmeter per to be taken into account
  • are certified, bonded and insured

TSCM - Equipment

  • Spectrum surveillance and monitoring
  • Video surveillance
  • Based wide band communication receivers
  • Non- linear junction locator
  • Digital phone line analyzer
  • Electromagnetic indicator
  • Acoustic noise generator
  • Voice data leakage channel
  • Spectrumanalyzer [VLF/RF- check]
  • Spectralanalyzer [Thermography] 
  • X- ray
  • and more